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Note: Main Point It’s Refurbished not new. It will come with Plastic Nozzle.

Electric Paint Spray Gun, Paint Elite, Spray Elite, Paint Spray Elite, air-brush painting, spray gun, paint Gun.
Reservoir Capacity: 0.8 L, Max Flow Rate: 1200ml / Min, Spray Tip: Horizontal, Power Required: 220 – 240V
1.8mm Nozzle come with machine. 2.6mm Nozzle Free, After using the product clean it.
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The paint sprayer elite gun, a fast and flawless way to paint anything it is an indispensable air-brush painting kit that allows you to tackle any painting job with a professional and accurate finish. It allows you to spray swiftly and accurately. Product. It holds up to 800ml of paint covering 7 square m. For professional home decorating results, look no further than this spray painting tool. Paint sprayer elite is easy and comfort to operate and is lightweight in construction, making it perfect for everyone and for every job. Easy to use: paint sprayer elite bring with it the approach of painting the different surfaces at your home.

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Recommendation: Wear a breathing mask and safety glasses when spraying.

Safety Instructions for Spray Guns
 You may only spray coating materials such as paints, varnishes, glazes, etc. with a flashpoint
of 55°C and higher without additional warning. (German classifcation of coating material is
hazard classes A II and A III, see material tin.)

 The device may not be used in workplaces covered by the explosion-protection regulations.
 There must be no sources of ignition such as, for example, open fres, smoke of lit
cigarettes, cigars and tobacco pipes, sparks, glowing wires, hot surfaces, etc. in the vicinity
during spraying.
 Do not spray any substances whose hazard potential is not known.
 Before working on the spray gun remove the power plug from the socket.
 Do not use the spray guns to spray flammable substances.
 The spray guns are not to be cleaned with flammable solvents which have a flashpoint under
 Caution against dangers that can arise from the sprayed substance and observe the text and
information on the containers or the specifications given by the substance manufacturer.



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