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[Amazing Electric Car Jack 3 ton] Electric scissor jack for car takes less than 2 mins only to reach its Max. height(lifting rang: 4.72~13.72 inch). Anyone can lift a car roadside with ease when it comes to tire-changing conditions.
[Stability & Safety] Electric car jack adopts heavy steel construction while providing a lightweight case. Enlarged base and saddle make it stronger. Compact triangle is designed to improve stability. Reinforced solid screw rod prevents it from tearing or twisting.
[Comfort & Convenient] Electric scissor jack with controller is a perfect choice for roadside tire replacement. Just connect with your car cigarette lighter or car battery and press the button, you can lift your car effortlessly. From now on, farewell to laborious manual lifting work!
[More Versatile Than You Can Imagine] This portable electric jack for car applied whether in your home garage, road trip, car repair shop, farm or halfway emergency. Car jack kit and the power cable connectors are waterproof, feel free to use on rainy days.
[To Secure Not Only Your Car, But you] Scissor car jack 3 ton after rounds of upgrading and broadening the base of the scissor jack, can prevent itself from unexprected falling. The built-in circuit breaker in the jack protects your vehicle from overload. Worry about roadside emergency? No need, the red triangle outside the electric car jack kit box can be used as a warning sign when repairing on the highway.

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